DHS-Funded Drill Simulates Nuke Attack on US-Mexico Border A Department of Homeland Security funded drill which took place yesterday in New Mexico simulated a nuclear attack on the US-Mexico border and how authorities would deal with thousands of people crossing over from Mexico to escape the catastrophe. The exercise simulated, “an emergency involving the detonation of a weapon of mass destruction near the U.S./Mexico border that causes a mass migration of about 3,000 people,” reported KFOX 14. The drill, which involved numerous police and fire departments as well as the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, included an exercise where thousands of people were in need of decontamination and oxygen. The news station featured an interview with a resident who said he would be happy to participate in a drill where police went door to door to evacuate people under a simulated emergency. “Maybe have some [mock] evacuations. Have them come to the houses, knock on doors and have us go out someplace,” said Gill Cadena. FULL REPORT