White House Snubs Netanyahu After Win, Still No Congrats from ObamaNo big surprise here but it appears that the White House and Obama Administration isn’t celebrating the recent election victory of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, In fact according to a report from Arutz Sheva, an Israeli Affiliate’ Obama hasn’t even called to congratulate the Prime Minister for his victory! And now According to reports from Press TV, The White House says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement to block the creation of a Palestinian state runs against US policy, adding President Barack Obama is committed to a two-state solution for Israelis and the people of Palestine. White House spokesman Josh Earnest made the remarks on Wednesday, two days after Netanyahu rejected the idea of a Palestinian state. Earnest stated that “it continues to be the view of the president that a two state solution is the best way to address those tensions.””In the context of the recent election [Israeli] Prime Minister Netanyahu indicated a change in his position, based on those comments the United States will evaluate our approach to the situation. The White House spokesman also said that President Obama had not called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election victory. Netanyahu vowed on Monday that he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state if he would another term in office. Netanyahu clinched a victory in Tuesday’s Israeli election, final results showed Wednesday. With nearly all votes counted, Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud party appeared to have won 30 of the 120 seats in parliament, against 24 for rivals the center-left Zionist Union. FULL REPORT