Should Gays Be in Church Leadership or Not?Charisma is asking a ridiculous question in one of their recent articles. However the fact that this question is even being asked today is a great example of just how close we are to the end! Jennifer LeClaire writes a well-balanced and thoughtful article responding to ‘San Francisco’s City Church putting an end to its policy of banning LGBT members who are unwilling or unable to take a vow of celibacy.’ There is a basic underlying principle implicit here which addresses more than the actions discussed in her excellent news story. It is the matter of church leadership modeling, and membership voting control, in a local church. The majority of Protestant congregations are ultimately governed by the majority vote of their members. Leadership is appointed and ultimately accountable to the congregation. When a congregation admits people into membership, this permits those members to vote on what the standards and teachings of that congregation will be. Once a decision is approved to admit people into membership, there must be reciprocal understanding that a Christian is one who has forsaken their old life and become a new creature in Christ through their personal relationship with the Lord. When a church admits members, they also admit them on the basis of confession of faith in Jesus, and willingness to abide by the purposes and by-laws of the local church constitution. The new member may not know much about how to walk with Jesus, but they are lovingly accepted and discipled. FULL REPORT