Third banker mysteriously dies this year, joining 36 banker deaths from 2014  A third international banker has died mysteriously since the first of the year, following an unusual amount of deaths among the financial professionals — 36 — in all of 2014. As reported by Zero Hedge, the latest casualty is Chris Van Eeghen, 42, of Amsterdam firm ABN Amro, who reportedly took his own life, though it came as a major shock to most who knew him. What’s more, Van Eeghen is the fourth ABN Amro banker to “take their own life” in the past few years. As further reported by Quote magazine, the suicide of Van Eeghan — who was head of corporate finance and capital markets — “startled” his friends and colleagues, who all said he “had a great reputation” at work, had come from an “illustrious family,” and briefly enjoyed national fame as the boyfriend of a famous model/actress. As one colleague noted, “He was always cheerful, good mood, and apparently he had everything your heart desired. He never sat in the pit, never was down, so I was extremely surprised. I can not understand.”  Zero Hedge reported that one of Van Eeghen’s colleagues noted recently that his job title on his Facebook page was prefaced by the word “former.” Again, in all, 36 bankers and financial pros died last year, and that has a number of observers shaking their heads, including Rick Moran over at The American Thinker website: This is either the most interesting case of coincidental deaths or one of the most evil plots in modern history. More