Meteorologists Warns of "Defcon 1" Snow Storm Headed to New England!I have officially run out of ways to discuss and describe this winter. By now you have likely been hit with a thousand different numbers and graphs.
Top 10 snowiest winter. Two top 10 storms in the last three weeks. Snowiest February on record. . . yadda yadda yadda. . . the beat goes on and on.
The history books are literally being rewritten over the last 3 weeks. I find it incredible to think that just 20 days ago we had just 5” of snow for the season and now we are completely and utterly buried. We are dumping snow in “snow farms” and in the Atlantic Ocean. Day and night dump trucks are hauling snow out of the city and yet we just cannot keep up. More than once I have woken up and wondered if the last few weeks had really happened. I mean really? More snow in 17 days than in any 20, 30 or 40 day stretch in history? More snow in 17 days than we get in a full season and a half? What is more believable, that or the Patriots winning their fourth Super Bowl thanks to a rookie most of us have never heard of making a miraculous interception with seconds to go from the 1 yard line? You could have told me this whole story three weeks ago and I would have said you are nuts. Well, 6 feet of snow later and one Patriots parade through the streets of what looked like Alaska and what do you know. . . miracles do happen. Records are made to be broken. Or should I say shattered, annihilated, destroyed… We have clearly passed the fun and pretty stages of snowfall here in Southern New England. We have also blown right through the disruptive and downright annoying level as well. We are reaching DEFCON 1 in a hurry. Your grandparents can no longer tell you any stories about how high the snowbanks were “in their day” or tell you that “you have never seen a real winter”. You are now living it. We are in THAT story. We are the lead to the national news. It isn’t in Buffalo or North Dakota, it is right here, in our backyards. And unfortunately there is more to the story… More