Fox News star goes bonkers on 'non-vaxxers' Fox News’ Shepard Smith said out loud what a lot of Americans who are seeing a new outbreak of measles, an entirely preventable disease, spread across the country this week, have been thinking. “You’re science deniers!” he told parents who are deciding not to vaccinate their children. Repeating calls from the White House and the Center for Disease Control, Smith said, “Please, please get your measles vaccinations as the outbreak spreads even further.” “Hello, science?!” he said. “A lot of you want to talk about science deniers, that’s what you are people! You non-vaxxers, you’re science deniers! That’s it!” The anchor explained that measles was officially “eliminated” from this country in the year 2000, but more and more parents have recently been refusing to vaccinate their children, citing “all kinds of weirdness, including a possible link to autism, which science says does not exist.” More