photo-shotA couple was perplexed after an employee at a Texas Walmart refused to print one of their engagement photos, which featured a shotgun, allegedly citing a store policy against promoting “gang culture.” Stephanie Wehner recently ordered a set of 13 photos online from Walmart in anticipation of her wedding this weekend, but when she went to her local store in Dallas to pick them up she noticed one particular photo had not been printed. “One of the 13 photographs submitted included [Wehner’s fiancé] Mitch’s 12 gauge Ruger Red Label Shotgun. He said it was the first gun that he had purchased himself, calling it his ‘go-to’ gun for outdoor sport,” reports WFAA. When Wehner received the photos she noticed the envelope they came in read: “MINUS ONE 5 X 7. NO WEAPONS,” and found the snapshot featuring the shotgun was missing. More