greglaurie-rosenbergIt pains me to say it but I believe it is true. U.S.-Israeli relations are heading for a train wreck. At one end of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., the leaders of Congress have invited the Prime Minister of Israel to address a Joint Session of Congress, and the American people, in early March. These leaders want to hear from the Prime Minister on how we can best work together to protect ourselves from the growing and grave threat of Radical Islam, from crushing ISIS to decisively acting to prevent the mullahs in Iran from building nuclear weapons. At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, the President of the United States flat out refuses even to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister. The Scriptures indicate that eventually every nation will abandon and turn against Israel. We’re not there yet, and we must pray America doesn’t turn against Israel and the Jewish people on our watch. That said, we’ve never seen an American President of either political party as consistently antagonistic towards our faithful ally Israel — and as sympathetic to our enemies like Iran — as we see today. More