20150154c747cc85e64The Pacific Marine Mammal Center will release a recently nursed-back-to-health sea lion back into the ocean at Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach Tuesday. The center usually doesn’t see any ill sea lions washing ashore this time of the year, but already more than two dozen have needed treatment by the only licensed agency in the county. At most, two or three might end up on the beach and need a rescue, but the center has taken in 28 this month while 13 sea lion pups washed ashore in December, Executive Director Keith Matassa said. Further alarming the center’s experts is an influx of varying species, Matassa added. “The difference this year is we’re also seeing different species we don’t normally see down here,” Matassa said. For instance, there have been sightings of fur seals who are usually seen further north, Matassa said. The center’s officials are also concerned that adult sea lions are washing up ashore ill — usually it’s only the young who require rescues, Matassa said. More