Oklahoma moves to protect 'Change Therapy'Lawmakers in Oklahoma have proposed a law that would protect the right of people with unwanted same-sex attractions to obtain counseling and therapy.  WND reported California and New Jersey lawmakers and courts barred counselors from talking to minors about changing unwanted same-sex attractions, even if it is requested. The court fight over the censorship statutes in the two states has been elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court. A petition explains: “If the client’s gender identity, mannerisms, or expressions differ from the client’s biological sex and the client’s feelings are unwanted – meaning [that] he does not want to transition from a male to a female identity – but instead wants to ‘change’ his female identity, mannerisms, or expression to conform to his biological sex, then [state law] forbids such counseling. “Similarly, the statute permits the counseling of a client to affirm same-sex attractions, but prohibits counseling a minor to change unwanted SSA. Under no circumstances may a licensed counselor counsel a minor to change unwanted SSA. Nor may the counselor counsel a minor to change unwanted opposite sex mannerisms, expressions, or identity, even when the client wants to change them based on sincerely held religious beliefs,” it stated. Attorneys with Liberty Counsel have fought the provisions in both California and New Jersey. But now Oklahoma is moving in the opposite direction, with a proposal from state Rep. Sally Kern of District 84 to protect such counseling. More