20141003---roger-mills-county281_hr_wide-fcda6078b5c50b06caad3aa22bfb167127db80e7-s800-c85The sign on the front door of Pecan Creek Catering in New Cordell, Okla., may say closed, but this kitchen is open for business. It used to be a café, but owner Chad Igo closed the restaurant years ago to focus on catering exclusively to the oil industry. “We’re kings when it’s good. They love us. But as soon as it gets tight, we’re the first one to get cut,” he says. Igo knows that on-site dining in the oil patch is a luxury — and the recent drop in oil prices has slowed not only the energy industry in Oklahoma but also potentially the businesses that cater to it. Some energy companies are slashing spending and idling rigs. Igo hasn’t heard of any large-scale layoffs, but workers in Oklahoma’s oil fields are anxiously waiting for layoffs, more bad news, or, hopefully, the price of oil to go back up. “I mean, $40-a-barrel oil? It’s going to shut everything. I mean, it’s going to. They won’t do it. It’s going to catch up sooner or later. They will shut down,” Igo says. More