North-KoreaRussian president Vladimir Putin has been laying the groundwork for World War 3. But there is another country secretly planning to invade its neighbor, and it has sought to purchase a fleet of the most advanced Russian fighter jets. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has secretly requested Vladimir Putin to supply the highly-advanced Sukhoi Su-35 jets to North Korea.  A senior South Korean military official told JoongAng Ilbo that Pyongyang had sent Choe Ryong-hae for a secret meeting with Putin to buy an unknown number of Su-35 jets. Choe Ryong-hae is the right-hand man to Kin Jong-un. Officials said that the advanced jets will allow North Korea to act on its plan to “invade South Korea in a lightning assault,” reports The Inquisitr. Kim’s plan to conquer South Korea was recently revealed by a top North Korea defector. Sukhoi Su-35 is known to NATO as the “Super Flanker.” it has undergone multiple upgrades since the 1980s, and is considered one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world. If Kim Jong-un attacks South Korea, it could trigger World War 3. The United States will have to jump in to defend the South because it has a security pact with Seoul. Kim Jong-un’s father and former North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il had attempted to acquire the Russian jets in 2011. More