NASA_Just_Released_The_Best-9bd2ac88c89dfab142b32f2c9847be83GDK on Wikipedia Artist’s rendition of NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft. NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft will be the first time that humans visit a dwarf planet in the outer solar system — the spacecraft is set to arrive in early March. On its journey Dawn is snapping pictures of the distant object — and NASA has just released the sharpest images yet. Dwarf planets are, by definition, half planets. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union defined a planet to be an object that must be both spherical in shape and large enough so that its gravity attracts small, nearby objects, essentially cleaning its local environment. Although Ceres is round, it is located in the midst of a very crowded neighborhood called the asteroid belt, which is a band of countless dust and rock of all sizes that float between Mars and Jupiter. And while Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt, comprising one-third of its total mass, the dwarf planet is still extremely small when compared to Earth or even the Moon. The planet is about as big as the state of Texas. More