005229530b6f1a854a244c4a6df22e49-620x387A massive wave of anti-abortion demonstrators hit the streets of the nation’s capital Thursday for the 42nd annual March for Life.  Hundreds of thousands of people — organizers estimated at least 300,000 marchers — packed the National Mall, listening to political and religious speakers before marching to the steps of the Supreme Court. “The crowds are massive,” March for Life president Jeanne Monahan-Mancini told TheBlaze. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life.” As in years past, the rally was dominated by young Catholics, with many Catholic colleges and youth groups bussing in teenagers from all over the U.S. “It’s a very Catholic event, as a Catholic I’m proud of that,” Monahan-Mancini said, while noting their outreach to other faiths (including having Dr. James Dobson speak at the 2014 March for Life) and the presence of such groups as Secular Pro-Life. More