QUAKESweb1-articleLargeConnecticut has been feeling a bit of stress lately. For people, relief can sometimes be found in a massage, a trip to the beach or a bottle of wine. For the earth itself, however, it is not so simple. In the eastern part of the state, stresses buried deep underground for hundreds of millions of years have lately been causing a bit of a stir. Over the last seven days, 12 small earthquakes have been measured in and around the town of Plainfield, on the border with Rhode Island, the most recent on Thursday morning. Jessica Lyon said she was sleeping in her Plainfield home and sat up suddenly the other morning, thinking a plow had just come tearing past her house. “I never knew we have fault lines and stuff like that around here,” she said. The subsequent shakes have not bothered her much, or disturbed anything in her home, but she did call her agent to add earthquake insurance to her policy. The quakes have not been big. The strongest measured only 3.3 magnitude, and the rumbling has done little more than cause a few pictures on the walls to rattle and fall. But the rapid succession of small events in a place unaccustomed to earthquakes has people on edge and asking a lot of questions. More