drA number of atheist organizations are seeking to remove long-standing language from seven state Constitutions that bans secularists from holding public office. The mandates were all written within 100 years following the nation’s founding, and outline that as a prerequisite for serving in government, the individual must believe in God. “[N]o religious test ought ever to be required as a qualification for any office of profit or trust in this State, other than a declaration of belief in the existence of God,” the Constitution of Maryland reads. “No person who denies the being of God, or a future state of rewards and punishments, shall hold any office in the civil department of this state,” the Tennessee Constitution outlines. “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being,” the Constitution of Texas mandates. More