sm52esQATaWmjz1eX8Al_cloudGlenn and his son Raphe were watching a movie about World War II recently, when Raphe asked his father a difficult question, “Dad, are we headed towards World War III?” Glenn took the opportunity to share with the radio audience his thoughts on the question. With the oil prices hitting a 5 ½ year low and global collapse looming in our future – the world stands in a precarious situation. According to Glenn, the only right thing to do is “to get off of foreign oil and just become energy independent.” Glenn also pointed out that the United States needs more than just energy independence, but to also stock up on gold. This morning, Glenn said, “Russia, China, they’re purchasing gold by the ton. 180 tons last year. What was it is, China or Russia? I think it was Russia. 180 tons of gold was purchased. What are we doing? I don’t even they think we have any gold.” More