hacker-bug-internetThe United States has been at war since 2001 and America must not let down its guard. One of the newer threats to national security is economic warfare. Its goal is to cripple a country’s economy, rendering it weak and ineffective.  When you think of war, images from the battlefield or troops scouring city streets in search of terrorists probably come to mind. Another arena is the financial front. In economic warfare, enemies use financial markets as weapons to attack national interests. “There are a half dozen different kind of systemic attacks that could hit America, whether it’s a cyber attack, which is a really serious problem, one that the national security people call a “cyber Pearl Harbor,” Kevin Freeman, with the founder and chairman of the National Security Investment Consultant Institute, or NSIC, told CBN News. Examples of cyber attacks include the recent hacking of Sony and the embarrassment of the military’s Central Command by ISIS. A more feared scenario would be an electromagnetic pulse attack, or EMP, designed to wipe out our electric grid and computer chips across the country. That’s not all. “There are mercantilist and predatory trade practices; dumping of foreign products on American markets in order to put American businesses out of business,” said John Lenczowski, founder and president of The Institute of World Politics, a national security and international affairs school in Washington, D.C. “There is the selling of counterfeit products which gravely damages all sorts of American businesses,” he said. “It could be a settlement attack, where they take down our ability to settle trades on the New York Stock Exchange,” Freeman added. “Or a banking attack, where literally you turn on, log in, and there’s nothing left. These are the kind of financial warfare attacks that we see preparations for daily, and we see examples of attempts almost daily.” More