chase.windebank.alliancefordefenseoffreedomAlliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit in federal court Friday on behalf of a Pine Creek High School senior told that he and a group of other students may no longer informally meet to pray and discuss religious topics during free time as they have for the past three years. School officials claimed the “separation of church and state” required the religious-speech ban during an open period of the day equivalent to recess when students are free to spend time together, text on their phones or discuss any other topic. Academy School District #20 and its legal counsel support the school’s decision despite the fact that ADF attorneys explained in an Oct. 7 letter to the district that the policy violates the First Amendment, which protects the students’ religious speech. “Public schools should encourage the free exchange of ideas. Instead, this school implemented an ill-conceived ban that singles out religious speech for censorship during free time,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco. More