gavel-judge-620-240In a see-saw battle over the matter, a state judge in Texas has ordered the outspoken lesbian mayor of Houston along with other city officials to stop providing life and health insurance benefits to the partners of homosexual employees. Houston mayor Annise Parker—who has been in the headlines recently after attorneys for the city requested copies of sermons from certain pastors during the discovery phase of a lawsuit surrounding a petition seeking to overturn Houston’s “bathroom bill”—issued an order last November that required the city to provide the benefits to homosexual city workers “legally married” out-of-state. But the following month, several entities filed suit against the city, stating that Parker’s order violated the Houston city charter, the Texas Defense of Marriage Act and the state Constitution. According to reports, 13 city employees who identify as homosexual have traveled out of state to tie the knot. Same-sex “marriage” is not legal in Texas, although the matter is currently under appeal after a state judge struck down the Texas marriage amendment as unconstitutional earlier this year. More