hurricane-fla-keysDespite the wails of despair you hear from some quarters, Americans as a whole rank climate change dead last on a list of important issues. Only 5 percent of Americans say climate change is the most important issue facing the United States today. The issue of climate change and its effects on the environment ranks behind the lack of jobs (22 percent), the increasing gap between rich and poor (18 percent), health care (17 percent), the budget deficit (13 percent), immigration reform (10 percent) and the rising cost of education (9 percent). All this is according to a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and posted in a report on But when the survey narrows in on what people who believe were are in the “end times” think about the relationship of the last days to the rise in natural disasters, some interesting statistics pop out. While five out of eight Americans (62 percent) say that recent natural disasters are the result of climate change, almost half (49 percent) believe the biblical end times are playing a role. More