Windermere Ad The CBS Sports Network will air a portion of the recent Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo from the Benton Franklin fair this Sunday. However, the netowrk refused to run a Windermere Real Estate commerical featuring a local 4-year-old saying the Pledge of Allegience. Local Windermere agent Dave Retter was stumped when he was told the commercial of his granddaughter was turned down because of political reasons. A CBS spokesperson said the reason the Ad was rejected was because it was too local and had nothing to do with politics. Retter said as a sponsor of the Champions Tour during the Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo the company gets a national Ad spot when the event airs on the CBS Sports Network. “We thought we don’t really have very much that we would advertise nationally and we thought you know it’s gonna be around 9/11 why don’t we run the Pledge of Allegiance Ad,” said Retter. After submitting the commercial to the network, fair and rodeo director Lori Lancaster recieved an e-mail stating that the commerical was rejected by CBS due to political nature. A CBS spokesperson said that is not the case and whomever sent that e-mail must have had false information. The spokesperson said the commercial was rejected because it was too local. At the end of the Ad the Windermere logo features their Tri-Cities address, the spokesperson said this doesn’t appeal to a national audience. Windermere then submitted a second commercial. This one was accepted according to CBS because it did not feature the local Tri-Cities address. Although it was rejected nationally, the Pledge of Allegiance commercial has been running locally and Retter said that it will continue to run. He said to him this commercial isn’t about his granddaughter or selling real estate it a patriotic message of hope. KVEW TV