Beef to Tomato Send July 4 Food Cost to RecordBen & Jerry’s is making a bold new stand in defense of same-sex marriage. The Vermont-based ice cream giant has signed an Employers’ Amicus Brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to review pending marriage equality ban cases in Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia. Company representatives confirmed the news in a lengthy post on the official Ben & Jerry’s website, jokingly calling the brief “fancy lawyer speak for a formal legal petition asking the Supreme Court to review these latest circuit court rulings.” “Often, it’s not enough to change the way you do business, or change the practice within your business,” Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Activism Manager, said in the post. “Unless you’re willing to stand up and advocate for the rights of others, not just here in our backyard but around the world, it’s often just not good enough.” Miller went on to note, “This is not just a concern of the gay rights community. There is a broad base of support for a single standard across all 50 states that recognize same sex marriage.” Full Story