nationalWhat could possibly be more invasive, more offensive, than the secret indiscriminate bulk collection of data by the National Security Agency? Quite a number of things, actually. 1. The Intercept‘s Jeremy Scahill, relying on classified documents, has exposed for all to see the ungainly expansion of terrorist watch lists after September 11, 2001, and particularly, the intrusive, invasive, and privacy-threatening means the government knowingly uses to secretly enrich its files on what must be thousands of innocents Americans, assuming that the actual bad people among them are very few. As of August 2013, Scahill reports, there were 5,000 Americans on watch lists. 2. The second scandal is much worse. Basically, corrections officers at Rikers Island in New York City physically abused mentally disturbed and yet-to-be-found-guilty teen inmates on a horrifyingly frequent basis. Read this and try not to weep. More