idolAmid surging violence in the Mideast, from Gaza to Syria to Iraq, the Obama administration is stepping up efforts in Egypt to preserve a multi-deity temple to the “creator god” Horus and the “crocodile god” Sobek.  After footing a multi-million-dollar bill to help the government of Egypt lower the water level at the Temple of Kom Ombo and other archeological sites, U.S. taxpayers are now shelling out more cash to extend the project beyond its contractual end date, according to procurement documents WND discovered via routine database research. The Groundwater Lowering Activity for Pharaonic Monuments Areas initiative seeks to reduce the impact of water runoff onto Egypt’s historic sites, even though the problem by the administration’s own admission largely stems from irresponsible agricultural practices. The U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID, awarded a sole-source, no-bid contract extension to CDM International to continue providing Egypt with engineering services related to the design of water-runoff systems. More