Hamas'_Armed_Wing_Numbers_In-14a1fcd3f782145da6c2c5c3bae3e822As the conflict in Gaza progresses, Hamas has shown an astounding ability to continue its attacks in the midst of Israel’s ongoing offensive. Israel’s Operation Protective Edge is close to entering its fourth week — but Hamas has managed to continue to launch rockets while carrying out strikes within Israel. Hamas’ resilience is owed partly to the group’s stockpiling of rockets, along with its ability to manufacture its own weaponry. And Hamas’ extensive tunnel system has allowed the group to continue carrying out attacks, such as a strike against an Israeli watchtower on Monday that killed five soldiers. But there’s another source of Hamas’s durability: It has an enormous number of available fighters. Because of Hamas’ status as a nonstate militant group, there is no definitive count of the number of fighters the organization actually has. It is possible that, because of the group’s sometimes loose cell-based structure, not even Hamas leaders have an exact idea of the number of militants they command. More