immigrationbill-596x283The author of a book that is credited with revealing to the public a clandestine campaign for a “North American Union” suggests the current border crisis – in which tens or even hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are simply moving into America – is a steppingstone to the original NAU plan. “We stopped the [Security and Prosperity Partnership] simply by exposing the plan to create a North American Union,” said Jerome Corsi, author of “The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada.”  The book tackled the issue of the governments of the U.S., Mexico and Canada meeting to coordinate activities and actions, regulations and more, but those overt efforts have diminished since the controversy erupted. “Now the timetable for continental integration has slowed down,” Corsi said.

“The decision seems to have been made to accomplish first the integration of the United States and Mexico by leaving the southern border open to an unstopped flood of Hispanics crossing the border illegally.” Regardless of why illegal aliens enter the U.S. from Latin America, the fact remains that their presence in large numbers could make it much easier to integrate the U.S. with Mexico, Corsi argues. And once integration happens, it would become even easier for Mexicans to migrate to the United States, with illegal immigration and an open borders concept . So illegal immigration and a North American Union would reinforce each other. He said in an age of mass immigration and a “global economy,” a national sovereignty is hard to continue. Get your copy of “The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada,” and be forewarned about the strategy. “The pressures for the United States not to be a sovereign nation in a 20- or 50-year period of time are almost overwhelming,” he said. He doesn’t, however, expect public plans for any “union” plan to be discussed any time soon. More