sixBen and Marie (not their real names) have been together for 12 years, and they have three children. Their marriage was never perfect, and their arguments never stopped—mainly because they never had enough money to pay their bills. In the end, Marie decided to end the marriage simply because, she claimed, God “told her” to divorce. A few months later, God “told her” to move in with another man. The church today is full of stories like this. While there are certainly justifiable and biblical reasons for ending a marriage (see my column from May 28), way too many believers are taking the easy road to divorce and paving the way for others with their bad examples. This has become a special problem in some charismatic circles, because we believe in hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Today, it’s convenient to blame the Holy Spirit for our bad choices by saying “God told me to do it.” Here are the six most common bad excuses I’ve heard recently from people who chose the easy road to divorce instead of the narrower path to healing: More