RestrictionThere is much talk about Christ’s soon Second Coming. But we know that Jesus will not return for a church without spot or wrinkle unless the falling away comes first… I wrote those words about 18 months ago in an article in which I asked the question: “Is the Great Falling Away Already Underway?” I was deeply concerned then that we could be witnessing the first fruits of the Great Falling Away about which the apostle Paul prophesies in 1 Thess. 2:3. I was concerned that we were at least seeing a shadow of the Great Apostasy. A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article called “Apostasy Rising: 4 Denominations in Less Than a Week Defy God’s Word” that went massively viral. All this has stirred my heart and the Lord has mantled me to pray—and inspire others to pray—for a Third Great Awakening in America. In yet another column on our Prophetic Insight blog, I shared what the Lord told me in 2007 about a Great Awakening coming to this nation. More