A political analyst has warned of rising tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine, saying the two countries seem to be gearing up for a war, Press TV reports. In an interview on Saturday, William Jones said Washington and Moscow are preparing for war by increasing troops on the borders of Ukraine as well as maintaining military presence in the country’s neighboring states. “We are preparing for war. The increase of [US] troops on the eastern border [of Ukraine with Russia], more troops, more planes to the Baltic States, to Romania, [and] to all of the countries bordering Russia at the same time that the Russians are maintaining their own defense capability [show that], we are really in something of a prewar situation,” he added.

“I think that you are looking at a situation which can very easily lead to war and that is a war between nuclear powers,” he added. The analyst noted that Washington is trying to impose more sanctions on Russia as part of an attempt “to find a scapegoat” for the turmoil in Ukraine. Tensions between the US and Russia heightened after Crimea declared independence from Ukraine and formally applied to become part of the Russian Federation following a referendum on March 16. Meanwhile, pro-Russia rallies have been a common scene across eastern Ukrainian cities over the past weeks with protesters demanding local referendums on either independence or integration into Russia. Press TV