You may not be aware that Fred Karger ran for president in 2012. He was on the ballot in only a handful of states. He wasn’t allowed to take part in any televised debates. The slogan on his campaign buttons and flying discs alluded to the central predicament of his candidacy: “Fred Who?” But winning was never the point for Karger. Being openly gay, he was “a different kind” of Republican, as he puts it in a new documentary about his ups and downs on the  campaign trail. He had hoped to “open the flap to the tent and let everyone in.” Nearly four years after first hitting the trail in New Hampshire, Karger is back in the state this week, showing the documentary at high schools, colleges and film festivals.  As the film, “Fred,” makes clear, Republicans were not always welcoming to Karger, despite his background as an adviser on nine presidential campaigns, including those of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. On Wednesday, Karger spoke to The Huffington Post about life as an openly gay Republican candidate, coming out in his 50s, and the likelihood of America electing an openly gay candidate to the country’s highest office. More