An American political commentator says any attempt to encircle the Russian Federation by the US is destined to fail and that future belongs to Russia, China and Iran, not to the West. James H. Fetzer, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday. He was commenting on a recent New York Times report which says that US President Barack Obama and his national security team are looking beyond the crisis in Ukraine to adopt an updated version of the Cold War strategy of containment against Russia. “The latest report of Obama adopting the strategy to encircle Russia is simply one more manifestation of the incompetence of American foreign policy in this day and age,” Fetzer said. “We have the approach towards Iran in based upon the false assumption that Iran is keen to develop nuclear weapons, which our own intelligence agencies refuted in 2007 and reaffirmed it in 2011.

We have an approach towards Syria that’s predicated on the assumption that the Assad government launched the sarin gas attacks when in fact there’s overwhelming evidence that it was in fact done by the rebels and not by Assad,” he added. “And that we have an attitude and an approach towards Ukraine that involves encircling Russia, but in fact the unrest in Ukraine was the result of Western powers putting five billion dollars into the country some by George Soros,” Fetzer noted. “And now we have a new article from Strategic Culture that the West is about to perpetrate false flag attacks in Ukraine in order to justify the intervention by the Pentagon,” he said. “In my opinion any attempt to encircle Russia is destined to failure. The future appears to be one in which Russia, China and Iran together emerge as a mighty power in the world, and where the US efforts to staunch the flow of history are misconceived…and will not make a significant difference to the way events are going to play out,” Fetzer emphasized. Press TV