3932591210If it works in Belgium and the Netherlands, could it also work in the Middle East? Channel 2 Newsreported on Sunday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is looking into the option of applying a Dutch-Belgian enclave model to the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). According to the report, Netanyahu has directed Cabinet Secretary Avichai Mandelblit to look into this issue and submit a report on its possible implementation. Netanyahu is basing his idea on the Belgian municipality of Baarle-Hertog, which has some territory made up of exclaves in the Dutch province of North Brabant. The total area of the region is 7.48 square kilometers (2.89 square miles) which gives a population density of 308 inhabitants per km² (798 inhabitants/sq mi). Baarle-Hertog consists of 24 separate parcels of land. There are twenty Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands and three other sections on the Dutch-Belgian border. There are also seven Dutch exclaves within the Belgian exclaves.MORE