1395021501111Flight MH370 could have fallen victim to the world’s first ‘‘cyber-hijack’’, with a British anti-terrorist expert saying a plane could be taken over using a mobile phone or USB stick. Former Home Office scientific adviser Dr Sally Leivesley said hackers could change the plane’s speed, altitude and direction by sending radio signals to its flight management system. It could then be landed or made to crash by remote control, Dr Leivesley told the Sunday Express in London. More than a week after the Malaysia Airways Boeing 777 went missing with 239 people on board, theories are all family and friends have to explain the fate of the plane. Flight MH370 vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. At the weekend, Malaysian police finally confirmed that the disappearance was a deliberate act and searched the captain and co-pilot’s homes. Dr Leivesley, who runs her own company training businesses and governments to counter terrorist attacks, told the Sunday Express she believed malicious codes, triggered by a mobile phone, would have been able to override the aircraft’s security. “There appears to be an element of planning from someone with a very sophisticated systems engineering understanding,” Dr Leivesley said. MORE