b8543755f2558f59ae98f6479c17bfe54c26eb6fThe United States on Tuesday urged its allies Japan and South Korea to show restraint in their tense relations as an American senator faulted Tokyo on historical disputes. Danny Russel, the assistant secretary of state for East Asia, called on the two countries to look at the model of Japan and the United States, which have overcome the bitterness of World War II to nurture a close friendship. “We continue to stress the need for prudence and restraint, for all parties to take steps that will promote healing,” Russel said of Japan and South Korea. “All parties can contribute to a reversal of the current atmosphere and the creation of a positive trend,” he told a Senate subcommittee. Echoing remarks of Secretary of State John Kerry on a visit last month to Seoul, Russel said Japan and North Korea shared common challenges including uncertainties over nuclear-armed North Korea. MORE