l7jUZ0BWalt Disney has likely a profound impact on your childhood and development — and the influence of this media giant continues to play a major role in our culture. As a result, Disney has always been a popular target for individuals and artists who want to push the boundaries of identity and what is considered “normal” in society, such as this viral video where Disney Princesses become fed up with being damsels in distress. Another popular subversion of Disney culture that has recently been circulating on Tumblr involves artists take images of classic Disney characters and visually “transforming” them into the opposite gender of what they’re perceived and originally presented as along the male/female binary. In order to better understand this work, called “Genderbent Disney,” HuffPost Gay Voices sat down with TT Bret, one of the artists involved, to discuss why this work is important and the goal of the transformations. MORE