View of the Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant in the food court of Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, New JerseyChick-fil-A President and CEO Dan Cathy apparently laments getting the fast-food chain involved in the debate over marriage equality, but he isn’t taking back his anti-gay comments. Cathy spoke with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the homophobic remark that landed him and the business in hot water nearly two years ago. “Every leader goes through different phases of maturity, growth and development and it helps by (recognizing) the mistakes that you make,” Cathy told the AJC. “And you learn from those mistakes. If not, you’re just a fool. I’m thankful that I lived through it and I learned a lot from it.” In July 2012, Cathy made headlines when he said “guilty as charged” in response to a question about whether the company was in “support of the traditional family.” The quip led to boycotts of the restaurant chain by equality supporters. He may be ready to move on from the debacle, but his views on same-sex marriage have not changed. MORE