2b3dabe35210cdd9494e074e9e08d9a5.cfAsteroid 2014 EC has zipped by Earth during its super-close flyby on Thursday (March 6). It was actually the third close flyby of an asteroid inside the orbit of the moon in the last two days, according to NASA. See our full story: Small Asteroid Gives Earth a Close Shave, 3rd in 2 Days For the second day in a row, a space rock is going to zip close by Earth within the orbit of the moon, and you can watch the encounter live online. The 33-foot-wide (10 meters) near-Earth asteroid 2014 EC will come within 38,000 miles (62,000 kilometers) of Earth’s surface at 4:30 p.m. ET (2130 GMT) Thursday (March 6), NASA officials said. That’s just 16 percent of the distance between our planet and the moon, which is about 239,000 miles (385,000 km) on average. You can see a video of asteroid 2014 EC’s orbit arount the sun here. MORE