140228noahmovieA Christian evangelist who knows a little bit about filmmaking – Ray Comfort’s “180″ and “Evolution vs. God” have been wildly popular – says Hollywood’s version of “Noah” is “sinister” and worse.  “There’s something more sinister about the production of this movie. It’s more than just a grown man with a childish imagination playing with an expensive toy. It is the blatant mischaracterization of a man of God in an attempt to undermine the authority of the Word of God,” Comfort said. “If Hollywood’s ‘Noah’ is a financial success, I suspect that a sequel will be a blasphemous mischaracterization of Jesus and His work on the cross,” he said. “Noah,” starring Russell Crowe, opens this weekend. Comfort, whose “Noah and the Last Days,” is on YouTube and DVD, said he saw the Hollywood version, a $130 million epic by Paramount, because a popular television program had invited him  to share his thoughts. MORE