330139WASHINGTON — About 230 students and faculty at an Alexandria elementary school are sick with a stomach illness, forcing the school to close on Friday, March 14. In the past two days, nearly 200 students and more than 30 staff at John Adams Elementary School called out sick and exhibited symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, school officials say. Chief Administrative Officer Tammy Ignacio for Alexandria City Public Schools spoke with members of the news media Friday and says the illness was first detected in the fourth grade wing of the school. On Wednesday night, that area of the school was quarantined and cleaned but the virus still spread to other wings of the school by Thursday, according to Ignacio. After making the call to close school Friday, she says the facility will be cleaned “top to bottom” with a substance that consists of 10 percent bleach and the cleaning process will entail “the walls, the ceilings, the toys, the desks, pretty much every aspect of the building.” MORE