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Author: Ricky Scaparo

Over One Million Fleeing From Venezuela As Living Conditions Continue To Deteriorate

It is 8 a.m. and the line of Venezuelan refugees outside the Interpol office already stretches to the end of the block.  Most have just arrived in Lima with not much more than the clothes on their back and are here applying for a certificate to show they have no criminal record, a requirement for a work permit in Peru.  “Leaving was tough, but staying would have been tougher,” said Andrea Sequiera, 29, as she waits at the back of the line with her husband Luis, 31, and 8-year-old son Fabian. ”We know lots of people who would like...

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PROPHECY WATCH: President Of Turkey Threatens To Wipe Out Israel!

President Obama praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “a man of action” and one of the five world leaders with whom he had the strongest bond. President Trump met with him at the White House last spring.  And certainly, Erdogan has tried to portray himself to Western leaders as a pragmatist with whom they can work.  But at a convention of his ruling party Sunday, Erdogan invoked a Muslim hadith — a collection of the accounts and sayings of Muhammad — that made clear his view of Jews and the state of Israel, according to dissident Turkish journalist...

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Entire Family In Arizona Turns Transgender

An entire family – man, woman, son, and daughter – in Arizona is transgender.  The father identifies as a woman. His fiancée, the mother-to-be, identifies as a man. The son considers himself a girl and, of course, the daughter thinks she’s actually a boy. An entire transgender family, all under one roof.  Daniel Harrott was born a woman, while his fiancée, Shirley Austin was born a man. Both have previously been married. Eleven-year-old Mason and 13-year-old Joshua have also switched sexes.  “The whole family is in transition,” Austin said in an interview with KJZZ, which reports the two adults are...

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Texas Imam Calls For Israel’s Destruction

Following President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a Texas-based Islamic cleric has posted a recorded prayer on his Facebook page calling for Israel’s destruction, along with “their allies, and those who assist them and those who allowed them into the abodes of the Muslims.”  While Sheikh Ramadan Elsabagh does not mention Trump’s Wednesday proclamation, the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which translated the message from Arabic, interprets it as a “clear reaction.”  “Our Lord. Help holy Palestine,” Elsabagh chanted. “… O Allah, be with your oppressed worshipers in Palestine, O Allah destroy the Zionists and their allies, and...

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High School Removes Church Banner from Football Stadium After Complaint

Turns out, they can’t do ‘all things.’  New Palestine High School in Indiana recently had to take down a banner that read “I can do all things — Dragons Football” and advertised a local church, after a humanist legal group claimed it’s unconstitutional.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation says it’s goal is to protect “separation between state and church.” They wrote to the district superintendent warning that by displaying the banner, the high school endorses the church’s religious message. According to the Greenfield Daily Reporter, the school hung the banner advertising Realife Church as appreciation for the congregation’s donations...

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