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Author: Ricky Scaparo

Mysterious ‘pyramids’ spotted on the floor of the Atlantic ocean

Speculation that there are mysterious pyramids at the bottom of the Atlantic is circulating online. Conspiracy theorists have been debating whether a video posted to YouTube shows two ancient structures off the coast of The Bahamas. Believers argue that they are proof of inhabitance of the region by an ancient race of people, similar to the Aztec culture of South America.  The video was posted by SecureTeam10’s YouTube account, which has become a household name in UFO and paranormal circles. Scott Waring, who created the UFO Sightings Daily website, is a regular contributor to the channel. He was using...

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Christians In Brazil Outraged Over Transgender Jesus Play

As the Brazilian arts scene becomes a “battleground” for cultural wars, Christians and conservatives have reportedly been protesting against a number of art exhibits and plays, including one which portrays Jesus Christ as a transgender woman. The Associated Press highlighted several controversial cases gripping Brazil, including court battles to get “The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven” theatrical performance banned. “In Brazil, we have a very ugly habit of sweeping everything under the carpet,” said Renata Carvalho, the actress who performs the one-woman controversial show. ”This just sheds light on what people think. I think it’s excellent that...

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150 Afghan troops in U.S. military have gone AWOL

More than 150 Afghan troops brought to the U.S. for military training have gone AWOL since 2005, with 13 of them still unaccounted for and perhaps living as here illegal immigrants now, an inspector general said in a new report Friday. Part of the problem is that the U.S. never puts the trainees through an in-person interview and exempts them from registering as aliens when they arrive — both steps that other visitors would normally have to go through. In-person interviews and requiring the troops to register beforehand would help the government gauge whether someone is likely to go...

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Billionaire Democratic mega-donor launches Trump impeachment campaign

Billionaire investor and Democratic backer Tom Steyer has launched a national campaign calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, only nine months into the president’s term. Steyer started the “Need to Impeach” initiative on Friday with an ad calling on Americans to urge their members of Congress to vote the president out of office. In a statement, the organization said it would launch an “eight-figure” television ad purchase and a “seven-figure” digital buy. In a video, Steyer called Trump “a clear and present danger who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons.” He accuses the president of taking the...

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Another large asteroid buzzes earth, one of two in the past week

The newly-discovered space rock – named Asteroid 2017 TD6 – is expected to zoom past our planet at around at around 7.53pm. It will be traveling at a distance of 191,000km away from civilization. According to NASA the chunk of rock is a whopping 22m wide.Last week another asteroid made a close shave with Earth, as it soared past at a distance of just 27,000 miles above the surface. And experts have warned a second bus-sized asteroid will zoom past our planet again today at half the distance between the Earth and the moon. But thankfully, experts predict there...

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