Dominique Lesbirel was devastated after the death of her husband from kidney failure. They had been together for 16 years and did everything together. Happily she has now found love again – but still believes it is too soon to marry, remaining loyal to her first love Doerack. It is a predicament many people can relate to – except for a couple of small details. Dominique’s first husband Doerack was her CAT – and her new love is her DOG Travis.

She wed her soul-mate, pet cat Doreack, eight years ago, but sadly he had to be put down at the age of 19. “Putting Doerack to sleep was horrible, I’ve had him since he was three, but I feel lucky to have had 16 lovely years with him,” she said, “It sounds strange but I wouldn’t marry Travis just yet,” she said. “It’s still too soon after the death of Doerack. “I’ve had Travis for years. He was a stray I rescued when I lived in Greece. MORE