The Pentagon will immediately begin issuing new building access cards for non-Common Access Card users and will require a retina and fingerprint scan of each applicant. The aim is to group individuals who go to the Pentagon into the new Pentagon Facilities Alternative Credential, or PFAC, or CAC card categories, Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Tom Crosson told Military Times on Wednesday. Officials plan to have all badges switched to the new access card by Labor Day, according to a release from the Pentagon’s media operations office.

“This was mainly done for efficiency purposes so people don’t have to carry around multiple cards,” Crosson said, adding that CAC card holders no longer will need another building access card. The PFAC card looks very much like a Global Entry card, which is issued through an application process under U.S. Customs and Border Protection to frequent travelers who wish to receive expedited clearance. To receive one, individuals will be required to undergo a retina and fingerprint scan during the application process, Crosson said. MORE