Secretary of State John Kerry testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday that the U.S. government will not be revealing to the American people the contents of “secret side deals” made with Iran on its nuclear enrichment program. The International Atomic Energy Agency, a unit of the United Nations, has negotiated two side deals with Iran involving critical data collection processes. Astonishingly, Kerry himself said Wednesday that he has not read the agreements but has been “briefed” on their contents.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., wanted to know why these deals can’t be made public. “Why can’t we confirm or deny the content of these agreements in public?” Cotton asked in a Senate hearing. “Why is this classified? It’s not a sensitive U.S. government document. The Ayatollahs know what they agreed to.” “Because we respect the process of the IAEA and we don’t have their authorization to reveal what is a confidential agreement between them and another country,” said Kerry. Cotton said, “So the ayatollahs will know what they agreed to but not the American people?” MORE