South Korea has had two more MERS-CoV cases among contacts with its first MERS case—now five cases total—and Saudi Arabia reported four new infections in as many days. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued statements recently on the first three Korean MERS-CoV (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) cases, recent cases in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and 16 recent Saudi cases. The two new cases in South Korea involve the daughter of the third Korean MERS patient and a healthcare worker (HCW) involved in MERS care, according to separate reports today from the Korea Herald. 

The daughter, however, likely did not contract the disease from her 76-year-old father, who shared a hospital room with South Korea’s first MERS-CoV case-patient, a 68-year-old who had traveled to the Middle East, the Herald reported. Officials believe she contracted MERS from the 68-year-old man while visiting her father in the hospital. She was quarantined as one of the 64 contacts of the first patient, the story said. She tested positive for MERS-CoV at a state-designated hospital after she developed a fever higher than 100°F. She is in stable condition, according to officials. FULL REPORT