A storm will bring a wide range of weather to the West into the Mother’s Day weekend as it drops across California and turns eastward toward the Rockies and High Plains. In addition to spreading cooler air through much of the Southwest, the storm system will bring everything from gusty thunderstorms with spotty hail and locally drenching downpours to blowing dust, a couple of tornadoes and snow.The storm will bring hazards for those traveling on the highways, ranging from poor visibility to wet roads and slushy snow in the passes well inland.

Cold air aloft associated with the storm will first create spotty downpours through Friday from California to much of Nevada, Utah and northern Arizona. Rain of any amount is generally welcomed in California at this stage. However, the nature of the pattern will not deliver enough rain to significantly impact the extreme drought. Some of the downpours could strengthen into locally gusty thunderstorms with hail. A small number of the strongest storms could produce a tornado or waterspout in California. MORE