A Christian student in Florida has obtained legal assistance after her humanities professor gave her four zeroes for refusing to conform to assignments that she believed to be anti-Christian indoctrination. Grace Lewis, 16, (pictured) is a dual-enrolled student enrolled in a virtual school from home. She has been taking college courses from Polk State College since last fall and has a 3.9 grade point average. However, Lewis recently was given four straight zeros in her humanities class by Professor Lance “L.J.” Russum for being unwilling to answer his assignments about Christianity in the way that he wanted—which she believed was antithetical to, and hostile to, the faith. 

“[T]he questions assigned are not open-minded questions,” one of the assignments explained. “They instead are designed to lead course participants decisively to accept that Christianity is false and oppressive of women.” Other assignments asked students to outline Protestant reformer Martin Luther’s work as a “humanist,” and other asserted that the sculptures and paintings of the Roman Catholic artist Michelangelo suggested that a “same-sex relationship is not a sin and will not keep someone out of Heaven.” “What you must write about: 1. Luther as a humanist 2. Luther’s reformation as political. 3. How Luther embraces the peasants and then abandons them when it gets to difficult for him,” one paper read. “Describe how his reformation is a political act one that expands humanism and draws us away from the mythos that seeks to punish unbelief.” MORE