Despite the presence of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt off the coast of Yemen, the Iranians succeeded in smuggling Scud B and C missiles to the rebels fighting in Yemen, Jordanian security officials told WND. The security officials described the possession of the missiles by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels as potentially game-changing and as a direct threat to the Saudi kingdom and its oil fields. While the Scuds have not yet been used, the Shiite Houthi rebels on Tuesday already escalated tensions with the Saudis when they fired rockets into Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, killing at least three people. 

The rocket attacks marked the first time the Houthis targeted a civilian area in Saudi Arabia since the Saudis and a larger Arab coalition commenced airstrikes against the rebels last month. The Jordanian officials said the Scuds, if utilized, could endanger Saudi Arabia and potentially disrupt the global oil market. The rocket attacks came just as a U.S.-brokered humanitarian truce took effect Tuesday, the same day Iran reportedly dispatched what it describes as a cargo ship toward the Yemeni coast. Iran says its navy will protect the transport of the cargo ship. Also on Tuesday, the Saudi-led alliance bombed Houthi positions in the southern port of Aden in the run up to the truce. MORE