U.S. Confirms North Korea’s Nuclear Threat: Issues Alert After ISIS Releases Names of 100 Military Personnel As TargetsSome sobering reports are coming from International Business Times, who is reporting that the United States has confirmed that it is seized of North Korea’s threat of developing a submarine-launched ballistic missile. This was officially acknowledged by Adm. Cecil D. Haney, the top commander, while briefing the U.S Congress on Thursday about emerging threats including China’s multi-warhead missiles. According to Pentagon, the first flight test of North Korea’s KN-11 SLBM was held in February 2014. Haney said North Korea is continuing its advance in nuclear weapon capabilities and have “a miniaturised warhead capable of delivery by ballistic missile.” The February test was followed a land-based ejection test in November, from a static launcher at its Sinpo South Shipyard. Haney said the complex and dangerous global security environment is seeing nations around the world continue to execute long-term military modernisation programs including capabilities that pose an existential threat to the United States, adding that military forces of nations and groups are “improving across all domains.” In his prepared testimony, the Admiral endorsed reports that North Korea is working on a new underwater missile capability and has put to rest the skepticism whether the communist state had the technical expertise to build a missile capable of being fired from a submerged submarine. FULL REPORT