The new rise of biometric bankingAre you ready for the new method of Banking? According to a report by BBC News , When Apple started selling its iPhone 5S with a Touch ID fingerprint reading sensor, all of us entered the biometric age a bit. Apple acquired the technology when it purchased AuthenTec in 2012. Samsung followed quickly with its own version of the tech in the Galaxy S5 and soon-to-be-released S6. With telecoms company Qualcomm promising to release a 3D-fingerprint reader shortly, having one in your pocket could become increasingly standard in the next two years. And RBS and NatWest have recently announced that customers will be able to log on with Touch ID to do their banking. German hacker Starbug – whose real name is Jan Krissler – is not impressed. He hacked Apple’s Touch ID roughly a day after its launch, replicating the last fingerprint that had touched the glass iPhone surface with kit that included a scanner, a printer, and a bit of glue. And he followed this up in December by reproducing the fingerprint of German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, using photographs from a press conference at a distance of about 10 feet. FULL REPORT